Conni inc.
Rudolf Leonhard Strasse 39
01097 Dresden


Bar: 0351-899 60 454
Office: 0351-804 58 58

Contactcafé: 0351-89960452
Kindergarden: 0351-899 60 453


The main building of AZ Conni is accessible via an elevator – the elevator door is 90cm wide. The outer doors are relatively heavy and do not open automatically. There is a wheelchair accessible toilet in the main house. At the doors in the house there are small thresholds about 2.5 to 3 cm high. We have no ear loops and no guidance system for the blind in the house or on the premises. The windows are clearly visible in contrast to the walls.

The front building of the AZ Conni has no elevator. The office is only accessible via stairs. The contact café and the workshop in the front building are at ground level. At the doors there are small thresholds, about 2.5cm high.

The outside area is mostly paved. The upper area can be reached by a fixed path with a step of about 6cm high and a steep slope or by an earth path with a step of 4cm high.

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Opening times

Office: Mo – Thu from 9 am till 5 pm, Fr 9 am till 3 pm
Bar: Wed from 5 pm
Events as announced at Dates

The AZ Conni has an elevator and a toilet suitable for wheelchairs. The elevator door has 90cm and all rooms are accessible without steps.

Bar and cultural plenary meeting (KuK)

This plenary meeting is your first drop-in point if you would like to introduce yourself in the project AZ Conni and the place for event inquiries of every kind. We are a relatively small group, who organizes the cultural events and runs the bar, and we are glad about support!
The inquiries which are introduced in the plenary meeting should contain the following information: name of the event, appointment wish, prospective costs (travel expenses, fee, decoration, advertisement etc.) We are happy to help with the realisation of events, however, we do not serve as a provider for external event managers.

meeting: every Monday 18:30 in the Conni bar or upstairs in the backstage area.


General inquiries or information to: verein [ät]
Please, adress all inquiries/information concerning events (lectures, parties, talks, concerts) in the AZ Conni to the cultural and bar plenary: kuk [ät]
Booking-Inquiries:  Please not: we do not run an in-house booking. Bands, who would like to play a show in the AZ Conni either need to organize this by theirselves or need to convince one of Dresden’s local concert groups to do so.
Supportgroup for experienced discrimination: support [ät]

Everything concerning this website: webmaster [ät]
(also for monthly posters and press information)

Please, add to your event announcement the name of the presentation, country/town of origin, starting time of the event, music style and an announcement text!