AZ Conni in simple English

The AZ Conni is in Dresden.
The AZ Conni is an alternative center. Alternative means different.
It is a different center.
And its name is Conni.
The alternative center Conni.

There are many people at AZ Conni.
Many know each other.

There are many things you can do at AZ Conni.

There is a hall. There are concerts and parties.
There is a bar. We call it “Kneipe”. You can get something to drink there.
There is a kitchen. From time to time we cook. We call it “Küfa” (Kitchen for everyone).
There is a big garden. You can play table tennis or skate.
There is a book shop. You can read and buy books there.
There is a kindergarten. It’s for the small children.
There is a café. People meet there to talk.
There is an office. The people from AZ Conni work there.
There are computers. You can use the internet from there. It does not cost money.

At AZ Conni there are:

a garden
a book shop
a kindergarten
a café
an office

We have rules at AZ Conni.
Nobody must be treated badly (discriminated) at AZ Conni.

When is someone treated badly (discriminated)?
Some people think they are better than other people.

They treat people from other countries badly.
Or people who have trouble learning things.
Or people who love men and women.
Or people who have no money.

They think they are better.
They treat others badly because of that.

We do not like this at AZ Conni.
We care a lot about this.
People who treat other people badly have to leave.

You can take part at AZ Conni.
You only have to come to a meeting. We call this meeting “Plenum” (plenary).
The Plenum is always on Monday.
It starts 18:30 h (half past six).

Three people work at AZ Conni. They can help you.
They are there every day.
You can call them: 0351 / 8045858

What happens at AZ Conni is written in „Termine“.
Just come over some time.