Mission Statement AZ Conni

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We understand the AZ Conni as an open and political place. We treat each other respectfully in this place.
AZ Conni is a place where people can plan, develop and run political events. In all areas, we make sure that we are as open as possible without giving up political demands and positions.
At AZ Conni we make sure that our language is not hurtful.

What exactly does that mean in the following mission statement? The mission statement is an orientation and working basis for people in the house and its environment. The mission statement, together with the house rules, forms one of the pillars of our attitude and the political engagement with topics that directly and indirectly affect the AZ Conni and its users.
It is important to us that everyone respects the guidelines and rules of the house.

Access to the AZ Conni
We make sure that our structures and processes are clearly understandable, transparent and inviting. We make sure that we communicate multilingual and clearly understandable both, internally and externally. We use a diversity-sensitive text and visual language.
In all areas we constantly try to analyze, dismantle and prevent organizational, structural, social and other barriers. We keep the entrances to the house as low as possible.

At AZ Conni, all people find room and support with their needs and struggles against discrimination, oppression and inequality.
We have special offers for socially marginalized groups, provide space for their self-organization processes and support them.
All the people in the house contribute and support empowerment processes.
This includes also those who do not have a negative experience of discrimination (attributed to the respective attribution and / or affiliation).

It is important to us that people are treated openly, respectfully and appreciatively. The place AZ Conni represents diversity and different realities of life.

We want to live in a solidary society. That’s why in AZ Conni we promote different realities of life, regardless of gender, origin, age, sexual orientation and other foreign attributions and mechanisms of discrimination. The AZ Conni we understand in this context as a place of learning. In all areas of AZ Conni we try to be diversified. For us, this means representing socially marginalized people and opinions. This includes exchanging views about (one’s own) reality and reflecting on oneself.
We help people to find a safe space in AZ Conni where they can live their identity.

Dealing with discrimination and conflicts
At AZ Conni we deal consistently and sensitively with cases of discrimination. It is important to us to counteract any kind of devaluation and external evaluation.

It is important to us that in conflict situations we always place special focus on the affected person’s perspective and actively seek solutions together. In doing so, we maintain a functioning culture of debate that consistently builds on our concept of solidarity and diversity. There are trust talks and persons for operators of the AZ Conni. In all areas of the house we are approachable and sensitized in cases of discrimination, attacks or conflicts. We are constantly trying to improve our handling of such situations.
The different conflict situations will also be seen as a possible learning moment for the structures of the AZ Conni and reflect them not only to the outside, but also to the inside.