What is Kinderladen Conni e.V.?

The Kinderladen Conni e.V. is located on the first floor of Rudolf-Leonhard-Str. 39 in 01097 Dresden. The building is very old and was lying next to the heathlands of Dresden at the time it was built. Nowadays it is situated in Äußere Neustadt and is easily reachable by public transportation.
In 1993, members of Conni e.V. and interested parents were searching for an alternative for municipal child care. They founded our kindergarten for their own children. Today the Kinderladen is still a part of the Conni e.V.. The club works in the whole house together with folks that treat each other with solidarity, appreciation and respect. Besides the Kinderladen, it also promotes youth work and social culture. On the grounds there are also a book shop and a contact-café for refugees.

The Kinderladen works with help from the parents on the principle of self organization. Four child care worker and one volunteer work here, we take care of 23 children aged 1 – 6. We have an own kitchen and get fresh meals each day from our own cook. The house has been renovated in spring 2017 and the courtyard has been redesigned. The environment offers many possibilities for a child care institution. It’s not far to the Schauburg (cinema), to the Prießnitz (small river), to the library and to the woods. Due to the close bus stop we can easily get to the cultural institutions of the city. The Kinderladen has a very large outside area where the children can pursue their need for movement. The grounds have various compositions, paved and unpaved areas. We have a large sandy playing area and the possibility to play with water and mud in the garden. The children, workers and parents care for the garden and the plants together. There are patches for growing berries and vegetables.
More detailed information on our methods is given in our concept papers.

How does one get a place in our Kinderladen?

We would like to admit only children in day nursery age (between one and two years) and squire them until they are old enough for school. We admit children only at start of school each year, when older children leave the Kinderladen (Aug./Sep.).
The admittance of children is decided by a council of child care workers, club members and parents. We especially mind a well-balanced mixture of the group. Therefore there is no waiting list. Siblings and children of club members have priority.

Registration for Autumn 2019

You can register your child until 07 Sep 2018 on site at AZ Conni. We’d like to point out that a registration does not mean a guaranteed admittance. It’s most important that you register your child with us and not only at the E-Kita portal of the City of Dresden.
There will be a parent-teacher conference for all registered and interested families in October 2018 for which all registered families will receive a personal invitation. This will be an opportunity to get to know our everyday life in the Kinderladen, our concept and methods, our club and especially its members and to visit the premises. On this day you can substantiate your registration by your presence and interrogate us thoroughly. Attendance of the conference is mandatory for considering your application.
All vacancies for autumn 2018 are already filled! The next possible application is for autumn 2019.