Attention! Important information about the current situation.

We are very happy that we can also open our house again under special precautions. We try to organize an opening time from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. We ask you to consider a few things when you come to us to minimize the risk of infection:

Target audience of youth work at AZ Conni:

young folks ages 16 – 27


3 qualified social education workers


hall and room with computers, library, office, large outside area with miniramp, table tennis and small stage

Conceptual focus and services:

Open hours and accessibility:

Statement on the political climate in Dresden

FachAG Offene Kinder- und Jugendarbeit
Kindertreffs, Jugendtreffs, Kinder- und Jugendhäuser

We, the professional workers in the institutions for open child and youth care in Dresden, are concerned about the changes of the political climate in the city. Week after week, citizens side by side with neo-nazis demonstrate against an illusionary “islamisation“ of the western countries. Hate speech against islam, which is depicted as generally threatening and violent disregarding all differences, and refusal of accepting asylum seekers define the sound of the rallies. Hostile voices also grow loud in the public meetings of the district councils when they talk about additional accommodation for asylum seekers. The hostility is not only directed towards refugees and asylum seekers, but also against other minorities, e. g. folks of non-heterosexual orientation, as a rally of a group calling itself “Worried parents against early sexualisation” has shown on 2014-11-15 in Dresden.
The ongoing dis-tabooing to publicly articulate inhuman attitudes has a signalling effect on young people. In social networks like Facebook we can observe increased activities by youths that advertise these events, share links to websites with inhuman content or post discriminating comments. We call this development downright dangerous.
Among the target audience and visitors of the institutions for open child and youth care in Dresden there are young folks of entirely different backgrounds and personal histories. Our services are being used by adolescents of varied sexual orientation as well as by young folks from families that had to flee from their originated country. All children, youths and adolescents, independently from their origin, sex, gender, religion, political views or possibly disability are warmly welcome in our institutions and can count on our unrestricted support. With our work, we would like to promote an appreciative cooperation and contribute to a cultural diverse society. Therefore we distance ourselves distinctively from the activities described before, that fuel social unrest and hostility towards certain groups of our community.