Construction needs money

So they say and after all, it’s just the way it is.

In the past four years we conducted extensive negotiations with several bodies of the Dresden city administration and with Sächsische Aufbaubank (SAB). The goal of these dialogues was the conclusion of a funding contract between us and the city for the restoration of both our buildings. This dragged on for a while, but it was signed on time at the end of 2016.

Unfortunately and opposed to the original promise, it is not about a 100 % funding, which means that a certain amount is left for us to take care of. This is the point were you have the chance to come into play.

If you have financial reserves that you can give at our disposal in form of donations or know someone who does, you could add significantly to the wellbeing of your AZ.

Trägerverein AZ Conni e.V.

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